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Posted by Shiv Sharma on May 26, 2010 at 5:34 AM

Time! This word seems to be a very little alphabetically, when we write down this word or read listen and speak the same word”. But when we consider the strength of this single word, we compel ourselves on thinking about, “Who am I? or What is my position? Nothing! Due to all the things is kept by time in his hand.

He is ruling on all the things related to human-being and as well as related to nature. Without his consent, even a single leaf is not being in a position to move to and fro.

Prominent Urdu Lyric Late Sahir Ludhianavi was quoting the power of time in his one famous song of Hindi movie;

“Waqt Ke Din Aur Raat, Waqt Ke Kal Aur Aaj,

Waqt Ki Har Shai Ghulam, Waqt Ka Har Shai Pe Raaz”

However, we are nothing be aware of our breathing system. At the moment, we are breathing and very next minutes we may not be able to breath. According to famous Urdu writer, Late Bahadur Shah Zaffar;

“Insaan Ki Zindgi To Hai Zak-Do-Nafaz Talak,

Saama Kiye Hai Jiney Ka Laakhon Baras Talak”

Time’s wheel is moving very fast with soundless speed. Due to this, we are unable to pay any attention. We do not understand about the frequency of the time i.e. when it comes or when it goes. According to one of famous Urdu Lyric;

“Hai Kya Cheez Hai Waqt Jisey Kehte Hai,

Aata Bhi Nahin, Aur Guzar Jata Hai”

Time management is very important in our life. We must remember that time once goes, never comes back. So we really need to understand this mantra and then try to do the best.

Shiv Sharma - Ropar Punjab

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