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Spoiler 'reality shows'

Posted by H. Anandarama Shastry on August 19, 2010 at 2:13 AM

  TV reality shows have become the present day craze. Watching on TV screen somebody excelling or failing in some deed/adventure no doubt gives us thrill. But these reality shows in the long run do no good to the society but spoil the future of many innocents.

  There is a saying in Sanskrit: 'puthraadichcheth paraajayam'. A parent should and will solicit defeat from his/her son/daughter. This simply means, 'son/daughter should achieve something greater than what his/her parents have achieved and parents should be happy for that.'  That is why, we the parents want our children study more than what we have studied, achieve more than what we have achieved and have all the fame & comforts more than what we have. It is quite natural and also admirable. But, A few parents go overboard and want their children perform something unfit for the age of those children. Reality shows are a boon for such parents.

  Parents want their children to do all the nonsense, all the misadventure in these reality shows and the show organizers cleverly exploit those children. With uttermost tension those children give their performance. For that performance they are brainwashed and made to think and do something unfit for their tender age. Such an act contributes negatively in shaping their future.

  After the brouhaha of the show, only one competitor will be the winner and the remaining all are made to weep for their failure. At that juncture those innocent children think their future is totally ruined! Are such reality shows necessary for us?

  In many of the reality shows the children are exploited in a voyeuristic, commodified manner!

  Reality shows with the grown ups are more horrible! The participant there discloses his/her illicit relationship, spouse spies on his/her own life-partner, persons quarrel in front of the camera, talk rubbish, eat the rubbish (including worms) and do all the rubbish. What for these nasty things are shown to crores of people including women and children? What purpose do these reality shows serve for the society?

  To say in a nutshell, reality shows nowadays have become a show of crime, sex, dirty glamor, misadventure and wrong doings. Barring very few non harming ones it is high time now to ban all the misguiding and spoiler reality shows.

  Follwing verse from 'Subhaashitharathnabhaandaagaara' comes to my mind:

  Yathkarma kurvathosya syaathparithosho antharaathmanaha

  thathprayathnena kurveetha vipareetham thu varjayeth

  We have to do only such deeds which please our antharaathma. Deeds of other kind we should not do.



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Reply Bharati bhattacharyya
7:16 AM on August 19, 2010 
Congratulatons Mr Shastry, for your excellent article ! You have expressed those true facts about reality shows which we pondered at occasionally but could not write down. Your article has said all that we have seen and at times were disgusted with the channels which publisizes things which makes the younger generation go crazy. Spying on your so called "lovers", eating all things that are not to be eaten, performing acts that involve fire and so many hazardous things and doing life risk acts should really be banned.......and 'entertainment ke liye kucch bhi karega , nahi chalega'. Inko abhi band karna chahiye. To top it all, marriages are being conducted in reality shows which turn out to be blunders !
HOpe your voice reaches the right person Mr Shastry, and good sense prevails in these TV channels for the betterment of the society. Congratulations once again for taking up such an important issue !
Reply Bharati bhattacharyya
7:19 AM on August 19, 2010 
Reply raji
9:44 AM on August 19, 2010 
very truly said Shastryji.....indeed it's our misfortune that such reality shows are being telecast just for cheap publicity. It's really pathetic that inspite of being educated the parents are encouraging these channels to go ahead with their whimsical ideas and not showing any respect for the innocent children ....who are supposed to be treated very delicately.
These shows are very scandalising....violent.....irritating....and absolute rubbish.
The I & B dept. should take serious measures to put an end to these programs....But the first step has to be taken by the PARENT-CHILD to stay away from such unglorifying and unhealthy programs....
Thank you Shastryji for posting such "eye opener" articles.....
Reply H. Anandarama Shastry
12:45 AM on August 20, 2010 
Bharatiji and Rajiji, I heartily thank you for your valuable comments which made my article complete. Thank you very much.
Reply aruna
1:54 AM on August 23, 2010 
Congratulations shastryji.
i totally agree with u for everything u mentioned in your article. The innocence in children is a thing of the past. They make them say things they don't even know, the expressions are also tailor made. There will be lot of hue and cry if somebody genuinely needs the child to work about child labour etc. but what are these children doing in the name of reality dance and song programmes. their motor skills are still to be developed naturally. it is good to learn a new thing but not at the cost of one's own mental health or physical stress. everybody can't be a balamuralikrishna or ms subbulakshmi. it is not wrong to compete but one should know the difference between competetion and going overboard. why no single channel is promoting a competetion on our ancient scriptures and epics. just to boast my child is in this or in that parents are also giving to the temptations. they are not realising the long run consequences. by the time they realise it will be too late. thanks for an excellent article.
aruna gorthi..
Reply H. Anandarama Shastry
5:36 AM on August 23, 2010 
Thank you Arunaji, you have gone further deep into the issue and have analyzed it excellently. Thank you.
5:56 AM on November 20, 2010 
HOpe your voice reaches the right person, and good sense prevails in said TV channels for the betterment.
These shows are very scandalising....violent.....irritating....and absolute rubbish and should really be banned..
Reply H. Anandarama Shastry
6:27 AM on November 20, 2010 
Very aptly said Mr. HERBLIST. Thanks for the response.
Reply surekhasudesh
10:16 AM on June 27, 2011 
excellent article on reality show... you have said the right thing.... nowadays parents wants name and fame from reality shows... they are least bothered about what goes through a child's mind when he/she loses in the final... its a kind of mental torture for the children... your article must be read by such fame thirsty parents..

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