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Posted by aruna on April 18, 2011 at 2:08 AM

hello dear friends,

aruna here after a long time. what to do? from pune we moved to lucknow and from lucknow , as we were adjusting and settling down we moved to delhi again. As we won't get accommodations immediately i am trying desperately to locate vividh bharati in pocket radio, but without any result. i cannot just listen to any other channel, except vividh bharati with the sweet and melodious anchoring of our renu ji and all. so here i am spending time reading a lot and suddenly about the fashion thought came to my mind. May be because it is concluded recenty. coming to the point,

i am miles away from fashion and its concepts. i can never comprehend why the girls are clothed skimpily, while their heads are adorned with funny head gears, why they look so anorexic, whenever i look at them i feel they appear dehydrated and starved, and as if they are deprived of food and water. can any common person wear those clothes? The very purpose of wearing clothes is defeated there. In our childhood we were taught clothes protect us from sun, rain and cold weathers. But there is no such problem for our heroines in the films, they can dance with minimum clothing whether it is a desert or in the himalayas without being effected by the harsh weather. having stayed in those places with layers of clothing in winter and pure cottons in summer i fail to understand how can they survive the extreme weather conditions? saree is taking a back seat and even if some ladies are wearing the blouse is dictating how the saree should be draped. The very purpose of blouse is gone with its so called 'funny' designs. one good thing about this is u need not buy much cloth for making a blouse. In the name of designer sarees, cheap synthetics are adorned with colored stones and threads, nobody is minding to buy those despite their heavy prices. They are not even worried about our countrys weather conditgions, hot and humid.  don't know may be these are beyond my comprehension. thank u for the patient reading. 

aruna gorthi.

new delhi.

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